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Bees and Beekeeping

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BeeMaster Program

The Tennessee Beekeeping Program is an educational beekeeping school.

2015 TN Master Beekeeper Advanced Class schedule and registration is open at this link.

All that is required of you to attend the Hobby Level class is curiosity, ambition to become a beekeeper, pre-registration, and fee.

The Advance class requires succesfull completion of the Hobby level class, or consent of instructor.

The Hobbyist Level is an entry level class designed to provide information on how to become and succeed as a beekeeper.

Find out what you need to do to get started in beekeeping.

Learn about different types of equipment.

Build a Frame.

Learn about diseases and pests.

The class also provides an update on pest control and new management strategies.

Learn from other beekeepers.

Spend a day in the apiary with John Skinner for a hands-on experience.

You should bee there!

Disclaimer: thought processes may be required.